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What to Eat in Jávea

The sun, its incredible beaches and coves are very attractive sights in Jávea, and definitely the Costa Blanca, but, furthermore, Javea is famous for its cuisine as well. Eating well is very common here, and that sounds great! A local cuisine combines the Maritime and the Mediterranean culinary traditions. Rice fish and vegetables are the most important ingredients… You are welcome to discover a culture in Javea while trying out a new kind of cuisine in wide range of restaurants. We are guiding you with this publication to inform you about the most typical dishes that you should not miss.



Rice is the essential ingredient in Jávea Cuisine. In addition to the traditional Paella with meat and vegetables, there are also many other equally tasty versions: Fish versions, as ¨A banda¨ rice (with seafood) or rice of the senyoret (gentleman), Paella Xabiera (with meat and fish), rice with seafood, black rice, another one with anchovy and spinach … Furthermore there are mellow rice (with broth)  as crawfish and lobsters. You should not forget baked rice, beef rice cooked in a clay pot, which tastes very delicious.



One caution before starting talking about things to which you will become completely addicted! During discovering our culinary you will guess that here the most typical ingredients are pepper and tomato. You will find onions and salted fish too…  Here is a perfect snack for killing hunger around mid-morning. You will be welcomed to try them at many restaurants and, besides you have a chance to buy your favorite ones them in every bakery.  Moreover, after tasting, if you will get fancy for cooking them at home, via this link, you can follow the recipe.


The fish

Jávea is a town with a long maritime tradition and, accordingly a cuisine is primarily influenced by seafood ingredients. We are lucky having a great variety of fish, seafood and mollusks marketed under the branch “Fish and seafood from the bay of Xàbia”, which makes it almost necessary to order a fish dish in any restaurants in Javea. You can try a list of stews like the Polp Amb Penca, the Madroc, the Borreta or other tasty dishes like the Suc Roig and the Cruet de peix in here.


Sea Urchins

One of the most typical sea delicacies in Marina Alta are sea urchins. The best time to enjoy them is a January. In Javea the dish is named as “bogamari”, low-calorie and low-carb food, but iron-rich and high in protein. Most of all, they are very delicious. Commonly, sea urchins are eaten raw with a few drops of lemon straight from the shell.


Salted Fish


You can also find salted fish such as anchovy, tuna, bonito, anchovy tuna or dry octopus. A very delicious way to eat them in “esgarraet” a cap of roasted peppers with salt of cod and seasoned with chopped garlic, oil and salt.




The perfect ¨brooch¨ for any meal should be a dessert. There are some ones´ made with the typical products from this area, such as almond, orange, raisin, fig … And we have some examples of desserts here for you –  Coca Maria, Sopà, Almond Cake or Pelota Dulce.


We are sure, that after reading this article your craving for a new kind of culinary has increased. We are working in order you to have an unforgettable vacation time At Webvillas. After finding a perfect house and an apartment for rent in Jávea, we will provide you with all the tips for taking a full advantage and a maximum pleasure from your staying in Javea.  Don´t hesitate asking us and we will be happy to recommend the best restaurants in the area.


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