Disinfection Covid-19

In response to Coronavirus (Covid-19) we offer the possibility to perform a complete disinfection of the accommodation you rented with a nebulizing machine with antimicrobial products.

This disinfection is carried out and certified by a professional company VDL NETEGES, which guarantees complete disinfection and the absence of viruses.

What does nebulizer disinfection consist of ?

It is a technique that performs disinfection of surfaces and environments per area (DSVA). This technology guarantees a fast and reliable disinfection, very suitable for completing cleaning and disinfection processes.

The disinfectant is distributed in the form of small mist-like drops, in this way with compressed air the mist, which behaves like a gas, reaches all parts of the accommodation and accesses corners or areas that would be inaccessible by conventional spraying .

The small water particles in which the biocidal active particles of the disinfectant are dissolved deposit on the surfaces of the chamber and form a thin film on it.

The products are effective against the coronavirus in 1 minute (Covid-19). They provide a persistent antimicrobial action that helps keep surfaces and the environment clean and resistant to reinfection.


The atomization disinfection process is carried out by a professional company VDL NETEGES, which is authorized and licensed to carry out this activity.

At the end of the process, a disinfection certificate will be issued, which will be present at the accommodation upon arrival and which guarantees disinfection.

Pre-cleaning of the accommodation

Before spraying disinfection, the property is cleaned to remove dust, stains, or other debris.

Disinfectants and biocides are used, which are recommended by the health authorities strictly according to the recommendations for use.

In addition, a disinfection protocol of certain elements is applied before the nebulization is performed.

Crockery and kitchen utensils

All plates, glasses, cutlery or other kitchen utensils are disinfected with ipochloric acid. It is an ecological product and is good for the environment.

Textiles, sofas and upholstery

All sets of sheets and towels are washed at a minimum temperature of 60 degrees. Upholstery and sofas are sprayed with a textile disinfectant.

Electronic devices and multiple contact surfaces

Remote controls, buttons, keys, etc. are cleaned manually with a disinfectant product.

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